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SFD Exam Results 2018

by studioD on August 24, 2018 , No comments

Wow dancers! We have had some fabulous exam results in 2018! Studio D humbly boasts a 100% pass rate for our exams once again!

So proud of dancers who set and achieved their goals, by working diligently in class, taking up all opportunities for extra classes, participating fully in their practise exams and of course practising at home!

Congratulations dancers, teachers and parents on these fabulous results. Dancers, we hope you are inspired to continue working hard for the rest of the year. It was beautiful to watch how excited you were for your friends’ results and how positively you congratulated each other.

Sometimes exams can be intimidated and results might not be what we expected, but the support from fellow dancers makes it better. If you didn’t get the result you hoped for, make sure you read through the feedback, seek advice from your teachers, and come into class determined grow and learn more. Remember results are one person’s opinion based on one day of dance, and the SFD reports are designed to help all dancers improve.

Look our for our next post about our Honours with Distinction Exam results! We have had some gorgeous reactions from dancers, that we can’t wait to share!

studioDSFD Exam Results 2018