Code of Conduct

Reach for the STARS

At Studio D we believe that all teachers, students and parents have the right to a welcoming environment which provides a place for students to achieve their best dancing and have fun.

The Studio D Code of Conduct is designed to ensure everyone is on the same page in regards to how we expect members of the Studio D community to act.

Reach for the
Strive for Excellence
Team Work

Implementing Reach for the STARS

Strive for Excellence by working hard, listening, wearing correct uniform, and practising at home. Our staff strive for excellence in their teaching, organisation and professionalism.

Team Work is essential in class and within our community. Dancers should encourage their peers and the community should demonstrate team work by helping with events and costumes.

Attitude is everything, we expect all members of our community to come with a positive attitude. This means using appropriate language at all times, and having a ‘can do’ attitude.

Respect should be given to all members of the Studio D community, this means treating people the way we would like to be treated. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.

Safety is a top priority at Studio D. Teachers are trained in First Aid and Safe Dance Practises and parents are to pick their children up from the hall at all times. Please find a link to Ausdance’s Safe Dance Practice Article:


  1. Warning/Asked to change into correct uniform
  2. Moved within the Studio/Uniform note written
  3. Quick word with parent after class
  4. Stay after class to pack up or tidy bag room or wash mirrors
  5. Meeting with parents, teacher and dancer
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