About Us

Studio D is celebrating 23 years of dance in 2019

Studio D

Studio D started in 1995 and since then we have grown to a school that averages 350 students per year.
We couldn’t have lasted this long or been so successful without an incredible passion and dedication for what we do, a ton of hard work, amazing teachers, support staff and a wonderful group of students and families supporting us.

Words cannot express the gratitude we have for everyone who has danced through our doors.

Thank you.

Our Philosophy

At Studio D we promote a friendly, welcoming environment that nurtures growth and development as a dancer.

Our approach extends to parents and families as well so that everyone enjoys being part of the Studio D community.

The positive atmosphere that is generated allows us to focus on our love of dance, and to create life long memories.

Special Events and Awards

Studio D has provided dancers for the opening ceremony of the 2005 Melbourne Deaflympics, closing ceremony of the 2006 Commonwealth Games, Melbourne Red Ball 2008, Make-A-Wish Ball 2009, DCI (Dance for Cancer Initiative) 2009 – 2016, View Gala Ball 2011, SMA Australia Gala Ball 2013, The Australian Grand Prix 2015 and 2016, Dance Aid 2014 – current, Moomba Parade 2014 – current and more.

In 2007 Studio D won the Australian Achiever Award for music arts & entertainment.

Studio D has had the honour of leading the Moomba Parade as the Moomba Letter Girls.

Our dancers have successfully auditioned and gained places for The Victorian State Youth Ballet performances of Cinderella 2016 – 2017, Le Corsaire 2017 and The Nutcracker 2017.

Studio D has run two USA tours where dancers participated in workshops in Los Angeles and New York and performed at Disneyland and Universal Studios. We are looking forward to our next USA tour!


From the moment I saw my sister dance I immediately fell in love with dance. I started dancing when I was just three. I was always dancing at home when I did not have classes. My dancing has been improved tremendously thanks to our fantastic teachers here at Studio D.

At Studio D, I have had so much fun being involved in so many opportunities over the past years such as participating in exams, competitions and lots more. Rhonda has been a huge part of my growth as a dancer and is always helping me improve to become the best dancer I can be.

My passion for dance grows even more every time I dance. Many of the dancers at Studio D have been role models to me and I look up to them.

I am so excited to continue my dancing journey as a scholarship winner. I never thought my dream of winning the Junior Scholarship would come true but this taught me a lesson to never give up. I am looking forward to have an amazing year again at Studio D.

Current Intermediate Student

Our family has been associated with Studio D for over 15 years with Desley being involved in 10 of those years. During this time we have seen Studio D mature as a dance studio however it has always maintained the family friendly culture that makes it such a pleasure for the students, teachers and parents to attend.

Studio D offers so many varieties of dance and activities that the children have plenty of choices including ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical and contemporary but also group activities like DCI, performance groups, Moomba and the Grand Prix. These activities have made Studio D a more family friendly community and no doubt has helped our children form long lasting friendships with the other students.

It is very pleasing to see all the teachers being so helpful, patient and encouraging towards the children especially around exam time so that they are prepared to perform at the best of their ability. The all-star concert at the end of the year is the pinnacle performance of the year and shows how professional and dedicated all the teachers are.

Desley’s passion for dance increases every year as she gets more involved in many of the different dance styles that are available. The student teaching program has also provided her with the opportunity of helping the younger dancers and has made her more confident in herself.

There is no doubt we are very pleased in Desley’s achievements over the past few years with some excellent exam results cultivating in her receiving the Lee White Ballet Scholarship. This is testament of the excellent mentoring and leadership provided by Rhonda and all the teachers at Studio D.

We look forward to many more years at Studio D and watching this dance studio grow stronger while maintaining its core values.

Parent of Desley and Alivia

Every year, the Studio D All Star Concert is a family festival to us, and our joy was doubled when Melissa was announced the winner of the senior scholarship last year. It is hard to believe how much Melissa has grown up at Studio D in 7 years. I want to thank Studio D as they made this come true.

Since Melissa started walking we knew that she loves to dance. We tried at another dance school for a short period of time, and then we found Studio D and searched no more. The welcoming and friendly atmosphere here makes Melissa feel comfortable. She is always keen to attend lessons and see her friends every week. Dancing at Studio D has given Melissa more happiness than anything else.

At Studio D the teachers are kind and supportive and always try to help whenever possible.  Melissa was encouraged to reach her potential yet never felt much pressure. Apart from that, Melissa was given opportunities to participate in activities and competitions.  Dancing on the stage and in front of audiences has gained Melissa a lot of confidence. One of these activities I must mention is our trip with Studio D to Disneyland in 2012. It was delightful and for many years to remember.

We love to watch our daughter dance on the stage, and we love our daughter dancing at Studio D. We look forward that Melissa will continue to enjoy her journey here for many years to come.

Eason & Rae
Parents of Melissa