Studio D Stars


Performance Group provides students with invaluable experiences which helps to improve their dancing and create lasting friendships and memories. Performance Group is a great opportunity to extend your dancing, and participate in fantastic competitions and performance opportunities across Victoria.

Students who do Performance Group, tend to improve more quickly, gain confidence on stage and develop the ability to quickly learn routines. Performance group also develops independence, resilience, team work and good sportsmanship.

Stars’ age groups are decided each year depending on interest:
Tinies – Twinkles
Juniors – Starlights
Inters – Starbursts
Seniors – Starpower
Open – Supernovas

Performance Group Requirements:

  • Participate in Ballet, Jazz and Performance Group at your level
  • Purchase a Studio D Tracksuit, Performance Group Singlet and two costumes
  • Be available for all competitions throughout the year
  • Strongly encouraged to participate in Lyrical and Acro classes



Spotlight Dance Competition 1
Junior | Jazz: 2nd | Lyrical: 3rd
Intermediate | Jazz: 1st | Lyrical: 1st
Senior | Jazz: | Lyrical:

Dance Off Troupe Challenge
Junior | Jazz: | Lyrical:

Jump Dance Challenge
Junior | Jazz: 3rd – State Qualifier | Lyrical: Shining Star – State Qualifier
Intermediate | Jazz: | Lyrical:
Senior | Jazz: | Lyrical:

Time to Shine
Junior | Jazz: 2nd | Lyrical: 1st
Intermediate | Jazz: | Lyrical: 2nd
Senior | Jazz: 2nd | Lyrical: 2nd

Energy Troupe Day
Junior | Jazz: Honourable Mention | Lyrical: 2nd
Intermediate | Jazz: | Lyrical: 1st
Senior | Jazz: 1st | Lyrical: 1st

Spotlight Dance Competition 2
Junior | Jazz: | Lyrical:
Intermediate | Jazz: | Lyrical:
Senior | Jazz: | Lyrical:

AASCF States
Senior | Lyrical: 3rd
Duo: 2nd

AASCF Spring Carnival
Intermediate | Jazz: | Lyrical: 1st
Senior | Jazz: 3rd | Lyrical: 2nd
Duo: 2nd

Intermediate | Jazz: Top 1st Place, High Point 3rd Place | Lyrical: Elite 1st Place, Judges Award: Strength and Soul, High Point 1st Place
Senior | Jazz: Top 1st Place | Lyrical: Top 1st Place

AASCF Nationals
Duo: 8th

Senior Performance Group Jazz

Inter Performance Group Lyrical

Senior Jazz Duo

    studioDPerformance Group