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Performance Group 2017

by studioD on November 10, 2017 , No comments

Our Performance Groups have been outstanding this year, achieving high results and showcasing some of Studio D’s best dancing!

We are so proud of our dancers, teachers and their supportive parents. Their dedication and improvement over the year has been fantastic.

Our dancers performed at over 9 competitions and events throughout the year!

Some highlights include:

Dance Aid – a charity performance that out Intermediates competed in

AASCF competitions – taking our dances to All Star competitions and both Inters and Seniors Placing in the top 3

KAR competition – Finishing the year at KAR was fabulous, it was a different style of competition, but led to a fabulous time

Road trip to Geelong РAll of our Performance Groups enjoyed our travel competition in Geelong, where we had a great group meal and then went on to perform fantastic routines

AASCF Nationals – For the first time ever our Studio D Duo (Gemma and Claudia) qualified for AASCF Nationals where they placed 8th in the country!


With all of that in 2017… bring on 2018!!!

Inters at KAR Inters at Spring Juniors 3rd Juniors and Inters 2017 Juniors Teamwork Seniors at Energy Seniors at StatesPerformance Group Dinner 2017



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