Dance Styles

  • Ballet

    The Southern Federation of Dance syllabus offers specific exercises tailored to develop male ballet skills. All male students are encouraged to undertake examinations with their peers in their class. Every effort is made to make male students feel comfortable in ballet classes, and they are encouraged to continue to study ballet as it is a foundation for all other styles of dance.

  • Jazz

    Jazz focuses on developing coordination, with the use of head, arms and legs in isolation and simultaneously. Students also begin to develop flexibility and some acrobatics.

  • Tap

    Tap introduces students to a broad range of tap steps that will be built upon as they progress throughout their exams. It also aims to develop a sense of musicality, rhythm and strong clear beats. There is a focus on strengthening tap technique, strong arm lines and presentation.

  • Extension Classes

    Classes such as Performance Group, Lyrical, Contemporary, Dance Aid, Moomba, Grand Prix, Concert Opening and Finale, are all open to boys who meet the other criteria for these classes (please see timetable page for this information). These classes allow students extra performance opportunities and greater understanding of various styles of dance.

  • Acrobatics

    Acrobatics is the new trend in dance. In this fun high energy class, students will learn flips and trick and do the strengthening and conditioning needed to perform such advanced skills.

  • Hip Hop

    Hip Hop classes are designed to introduce students to this modern style of dance and diversify our dancers. They are fun classes, that cater to beginners and advanced students. While there is no exam work done in this class, students do participate in the end of year All Stars concert

  • Performance Group

    Performance group allows our most dedicated students the opportunity to perform at many events and competitions throughout the year. They are expected to be diligent students as they learn two competition routines and work on more advanced skills.

Boys Uniforms

  • Ballet

    Blue Studio D T Shirt, black Stockings, black shorts, black ballet shoes.

  • Jazz

    Blue Studio D T Shirt, black shorts, black jazz shoes.

  • Tap

    Blue Studio D T Shirt, black shorts, black tap shoes.

Boys Class Timetable 2018

Boys can participate in any dance class that is of their own age group or ability.