Honours With Distinction Results 2018

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We have had a record number of Honours with Distinction results this year, with 25 Honours with Disctinction results, across all three dance styles including 17 dancers!

Congratulations on these amazing results dancers! We can’t wait to see you perform in our Special Awards Dance at the Concert this year!

Check out the photos below of Nicolette, and Desley finding our their results. These dancers were away when results came out and we just couldn’t wait to tell them their fabulous results!

Alice Wen Level 3 Ballet Amelia Thompson
Bernadette Whata Level 3 Ballet Rhonda Draper
Sienna Cinar Level 3 Ballet Rhonda Draper
Scarlett Liao Level 3 Ballet Rhonda Draper
Alice Wen Level 3 Jazz Lauren Ash
Hannah McBurney Level 3 Jazz Rhonda Draper
Tahlia Bellocchi Level 3 Jazz Rhonda Draper
Hannah McBurney Level 3 Tap Aemilia Sherwell
Nicolette Bakalis Level 3 Tap Aemilia Sherwell
Bernadette Whata Level 3 Jazz Rhonda Draper
Scarlett Liao Level 3 Jazz Rhonda Draper
Sienna Cinar Level 3 Jazz Rhonda Draper
Yelena Doudoulis Level 5 Ballet Rhonda Draper
Anuk Ratnatunga Level 5 Jazz Cindy Kuang
Zoe Chan Level 5 Tap Amelia Thompson
Yvonne Do Level 6 Ballet Rhonda Draper
Zoey Huang Level 6 Ballet Rhonda Draper
Ava Sherwell Level 6 Jazz Anastasia Ross
Claudia Ascar Level 7 Jazz Cindy Kuang
Alana Lopera Level 7 Jazz Cindy Kuang
Alana Lopera Level 7 Ballet Rhonda Draper
Alana Lopera Level 7 Tap Rhonda Draper
Korkor Bruce Laryea Level 7 Tap Rhonda Draper
Desley McAulay Pre Elementary Ballet Siobhan Judge
Desley McAulay Level 8 Jazz Cindy Kuang

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studioDHonours With Distinction Results 2018

SFD Exam Results 2018

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Wow dancers! We have had some fabulous exam results in 2018! Studio D humbly boasts a 100% pass rate for our exams once again!

So proud of dancers who set and achieved their goals, by working diligently in class, taking up all opportunities for extra classes, participating fully in their practise exams and of course practising at home!

Congratulations dancers, teachers and parents on these fabulous results. Dancers, we hope you are inspired to continue working hard for the rest of the year. It was beautiful to watch how excited you were for your friends’ results and how positively you congratulated each other.

Sometimes exams can be intimidated and results might not be what we expected, but the support from fellow dancers makes it better. If you didn’t get the result you hoped for, make sure you read through the feedback, seek advice from your teachers, and come into class determined grow and learn more. Remember results are one person’s opinion based on one day of dance, and the SFD reports are designed to help all dancers improve.

Look our for our next post about our Honours with Distinction Exam results! We have had some gorgeous reactions from dancers, that we can’t wait to share!

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studioDSFD Exam Results 2018

Beats on Pointe

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Our Dance Aid class was lucky enough to be invited to perform in the Beats on Pointe Pre-Performance Showcase. These girls did a fabulous job and we are excited to see their routine again at Dance Aid in June.

Thank you to Claire for the stunning choreography.

Check out a little bit of their performance on our instagram @studiod_danceschool

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studioDBeats on Pointe

Easter Dress Up Week!

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While we take pride in our uniform at Studio D, we like to have a a bit of fun once in a while and have a dress up week! We celebrated Easter this week in class, by having an Easter themed dress up! Love the creativity from our dancers!

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studioDEaster Dress Up Week!

Grand Prix 2018

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Performances never stop at Studio D! This week Studio D was represented at the Australian Grand Prix by six lovely dancers who performed 2 flashmob dances each day!

Big thank you to our parent chaperones who attended the Grand Prix with the girls, and to Olivia Dumville who made her teaching debut with these fabulous performances! Thank you for all of your hard work!

Head over to our instagram to check out a snippet of the fabulous performances! @studiod_danceschool

It’s awesome to see our dancers out and performing at different events throughout the year. Its not all about competitions and concerts, some of our best dance memories are made at special events like the Grand Prix.

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studioDGrand Prix 2018

Moomba 2018

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Woweee what a great time we had at Moomba this year!

Congratulations dancers and to their teacher Ally for a gorgeous performance. Special mention to Alana who was featured on her own float design as the music box ballerina, check out her gorgeous costume and make up below!

We love participating in Moomba and already can’t wait for 2019!

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studioDMoomba 2018

Moomba Parade – This Monday!

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Check out our fabulous Moomba class as they dance with the Ballerina float, on Channel 7 at 11am on Monday the 12th of March!

What makes this parade even more special is that the float was designed by one of our very own dancers, Alan! Alana entered a float design competition last year, and drew a beautiful picture of a music box float. Her design was selected and once the Moomba organisers found out Alana was a talented ballerina they just had to feature her on the float!

Can’t wait to watch Alana and Ally’s Moomba class grace the parade route on Monday!

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studioDMoomba Parade – This Monday!

Welcome to 2018

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Happy New Year!

We hope you have had a lovely break and are ready to get back into dancing!

We are so excited about the year to come, and hope that you achieve your dance goals for 2018. Can’t wait to see you all back for the first week of classes!

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studioDWelcome to 2018