2017 Exam Results

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Wow wow wow!!!

We have had some absolutely fabulous results coming in for our 2017 Exams!

Studio D dancers have achieved 16 Honours with Distinction Results! The highest result possible for Southern Federation of Dance Exams!

Particular congratulations need to go to Alana who Achieved Honours with Distinction for all three styles; Ballet, Jazz and Tap!

2017HWD Alana

  • Ruby, Level 3 Jazz (Taught by Emma)
  • Zoey, Level 5 Ballet (Taught by Rhonda)
  • Yvonne, Level 5 Ballet (Taught by Rhonda)
  • Yvonne, Level 5 Jazz (Taught by Anastasia)
  • Caitlyn, Level 5 Jazz (Taught by Anastasia)
  • Megan, Level 5 Jazz (Taught by Anastasia)
  • Alana, Level 6 Ballet (Taught by Rhonda)
  • Alana, Level 6 Tap (Taught by Rhonda)
  • Alana, Level 6 Jazz (Taught by Cindy)
  • Claudia, Level 6 Jazz (Taught by Cindy)
  • Gemma, Level 6 Jazz (Taught by Cindy)
  • Portia, Level 7 Ballet (Taught by Rhonda)
  • Angelina, Level 7 Ballet (Taught by Rhonda)
  • Angelina, Level 7 Jazz (Taught by Cindy)
  • Melissa , Level 7 Jazz (Taught by Cindy)
  •  2017HWD Zoe 2017HWD Yvonne 2017HWD Ruby 2017HWD Megan 2017HWD level 7j 2017HWD level 7b 2017HWD level 6 2017HWD Caitlyn
  • Teshani, Level 7 Jazz (Taught by Cindy)


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studioD2017 Exam Results

2017 Exams

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Exams this year ran over 5 Sundays in June and July! We are so proud of all of our exam candidates and know that they have worked so hard with their teachers to showcase their best work!

Congratulations to our teachers and parents and GOOD LUCK to our dancers!

Exams 2017 2

Exams 2017 3



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studioD2017 Exams

Term 1 2017

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There has been lots and lots of learning in Term 1! The first half of each year is dedicated to syllabus work in preparation for our upcoming Southern Federation of Dance Exams.

Exams give students the opportunity to perform in front of a qualified examiner and receive outside feedback. Students are introduced to exams in Level 1 where their teacher is allowed to enter the exam room with them.

Best of luck to all of our exam candidates, keep up the hard work!

Pictured above: Mairead teaches her Level 3s about the spine
The Level 3 (first years) started learning body rolls today so I taught them a bit about the spine to help them understand. It’s so important for dancers to understand how their muscles and bones work while they dance!’

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studioDTerm 1 2017

2016 Exam Results

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Exam results have started coming in before we have even finished exam period!

Already we are seeing very high results and wish to congratulate both the dancers and their teachers for all of their hard work!

Honors with Distinction:
Level 3 Ballet: Yelena
Level 3 Ballet: Brianna
Level 3 Ballet: Mia

Level 3 HDs

Level 3 Jazz: Anuk

Anuk HD 2016

Level 4 Jazz: Ye-Anne

Ye Anne HD 2016

Level 5 Jazz: Claudia

Claudia HD 2016

Level 5 Tap: Alana

Alana HD 2016

Level 6 Jazz: Melissa
Level 6 Jazz: Portia
Level 6 Jazz: Teshani
Level 6 Jazz: Georgette

L6J HDs 2016

Level 6 Tap: Desley
Level 7Jazz: Desley

Desley HD 2016

Level 7 Ballet: Desley
Level 7 Ballet: Phoebe

L7B HDs 2016


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studioD2016 Exam Results

2016 Exams

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Exams are off and running!

Starting with our gorgeous Level 1s and 2s this weekend our exams run all the way through to August.

Thank you to our teachers for all of the work you have put in and good luck to our dancers!!!

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studioD2016 Exams


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Throughout May our dancers participated in the annual Southern Federation of Dance Masterclasses. Masterclasses are open to our exam students and allow both teachers and students the chance to check that the syllabus work is correct and provides brilliant feedback from examiners about the progress of exam work.

Congratulations to all of our dancers who participated and best of luck for your upcoming exams! Thank you for being so polite and for wearing your uniform beautifully.

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Exam Results

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Some exam results have started to come into the office and trophies have been ordered. All students who participated in an exam will receive a trophy this year.

Congratulations to both the students and teachers exam results have been excellent this year.

Best of luck to any students who are yet to complete their exams, keep working hard!!!

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studioDExam Results

Exams 2015

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Exams have officially begun!

Wishing all exam students the best of luck. Don’t forget that you should be practising at least 3 times a week with the music, and don’t forget about THEORY!!


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studioDExams 2015