Adult dance styles and Uniform

  • Adult Ballet & Tap

    Studio D has a long history of offering Adult Tap and in 2016 added Adult Ballet. These are fun classes which participate in the Studio D concert each year. There are many varying abilities, and the class is open from beginners all the way to our senior students. Many of our adult dancers have children who also dance at Studio D.

  • Exam and Other Classes

    Adults are allowed to participate in Senior exam classes and extension classes. However it is recommended that they have prior dance experience in these classes so as to feel comfortable with in a faster paced class environment.

  • Uniform

    Neat casual clothes suitable to dance in (including leggings, jazz pants, free choice of leotard, close fitting T-Shirt or Singlet)

    Adults who choose to participate in exam classes or extension classes must wear the uniform prescribed for that class. (Exam Classes – Black Leotard, Jazz Shorts/TapSkirt/Ballet Skirt, Tan/Ballet Tights, Extension Classes – Deep Purple Leotard, Jazz Shorts, Tan Tights and Tan Jazz Shoes)
    Please see the uniform page for further information.

Adult Class Timetable

Age Group Class Time Day Hall
Open Adult Tap 7:30pm – 8:30pm Wednesday HallĀ 3
Open Adult Ballet 8:30pm – 9:30pm Wednesday Hall 3