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2016 Exam Results

by studioD on July 14, 2016 , No comments

Exam results have started coming in before we have even finished exam period!

Already we are seeing very high results and wish to congratulate both the dancers and their teachers for all of their hard work!

Honors with Distinction:
Level 3 Ballet: Yelena
Level 3 Ballet: Brianna
Level 3 Ballet: Mia

Level 3 HDs

Level 3 Jazz: Anuk

Anuk HD 2016

Level 4 Jazz: Ye-Anne

Ye Anne HD 2016

Level 5 Jazz: Claudia

Claudia HD 2016

Level 5 Tap: Alana

Alana HD 2016

Level 6 Jazz: Melissa
Level 6 Jazz: Portia
Level 6 Jazz: Teshani
Level 6 Jazz: Georgette

L6J HDs 2016

Level 6 Tap: Desley
Level 7Jazz: Desley

Desley HD 2016

Level 7 Ballet: Desley
Level 7 Ballet: Phoebe

L7B HDs 2016


studioD2016 Exam Results